We enable companies to expand and realise their full potential in the international market. We provide the resource, expertise and finance to bridge the gap between cultures. We aim to create profit and benefit for all parties.

Huda Associates (UK) LLP is an investment boutique based in Mayfair, London.

Huda Alamoudi, the company’s founder, comes from a family with more than thirty years of experience in the private equity sector with expertise in diverse industries including oil and gas, property development, mining, agriculture, hotels and hospitals in the Middle East, Europe, U.S and Africa.

Huda Associates Limited (the predecessor to Huda Associates) was established in London in 2010, to provide investment to early and growth stage businesses who want to expand into EMEA countries and beyond.

The Arabic meaning for Huda is “The Right Path”. Huda Associates brings in the right team with the right skills and the right business intelligence at the right time.



Only the best will do – we stop at nothing less.


Right Team

We work with advisers who have a proven track record in the sectors and countries we specialise in. For each transaction we assemble a bespoke team of experts.


Right Path

We navigate the business cultures of the respective market, thereby accelerating the speed and impact of our transactions.



In our investments we create a circle of trust between ourselves, our partners and advisers.


Right Connections

We aim to work directly at the highest level with key decision makers. We know what they are looking for and how to deliver.



We are committed to providing benefit for all. We work with companies who have strong corporate social responsibility practices and whose businesses are environmentally sustainable.


Right fit

We understand that people are as important as numbers. We find the ideal team for all to create long-term success.


Right Communication

Language is not just about words. Our team comes from established Middle Eastern and Chinese business families. We understand the cultural nuances that others can miss.



We are independent, with clear, honest, business processes.


Right Questions

We ask the right questions at the right time, identifying the ideal path to our goals.



We pay careful attention to detail at all times.


Right Vision

We see beyond current circumstances by analysing emerging trends to identify exciting new opportunities.